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Chapter 1


Weasley’s Wizarding Adventures

 ‘That’s what I told her. Muggles just don’t make great outdoorsman,’ remarked one very tall red head. ‘They just lack the understanding of the world around them. But I have to give them this: they are great with their food. But Ginny all ways said that we should embrace them as brethren.’

‘Yeah but she is all ways quoting people things like that from people like Hermione or Dumbledore,’ exclaimed the other’s twin. ‘I mean there is only so much you can say before you start repeating yourself.’

The two tall muscular red heads sat together in the unusually empty Leaky Cauldron over two deep cups of steaming liquid that looked suspiciously like Fire Whisky. On any other day the twins would be in the mist of a large crowd of wizards, witches, hags, goblins, or the sort, or the sort with stories of adventures or jokes. Most of the time this cozy inn was full of people who were done with work or with their daily shopping, however only a few braved the streets today Many in the wizarding world were scared due to the horrible news yesterday.

Today both had seen the power of fear that one man held. The Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort, had appeared in the Ministry of Magic right in front of the Minister himself and a dozen or so Aurors.

‘You know I miss the old chap, Harry I mean. We owe everything to him,’ sighed Fred Weasley. ‘I wish he would allow us to get him in on this deal. When did Lee say he was going to met us George?’

‘I think he said he would Apperate around seven tonight, I do wish he hurry up,’ remarked George.

Harry Potter was unofficially their financial backer and Lee Jordan, the twin’s best friend, was their partner. The twins and Lee had been together ever since they met each other in their first year at Hogwarts. The three of them have been together ever since.

Everyone in this little inn was gloomy and sad by the terrible news. The sudden fear and terror that has griped the entire wizarding world has sales in places like this and the Weasley’s own shop, Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, to drop rapidly.

Then both wiped their heads around toward the bar where there was a thick cloud of smoke from someone who had just apperated. Then a voice a called out; ‘Tom, give me the usual will you. Thanks a lot I need this’ sounded a tired voice that was unmistakably Lee Jordan.

‘You look like you have been hit by a Hippogriff, Lee, and your mates over there. Business not so good, yeah I know me either. Just look around. Everyone just scared that …’ he let his sentence trail off, no one needed to know the ending. They all knew what was on everybody’s mind.

‘Thanks Tom’ yelled Fred across the empty inn. ‘Lee over here we have some stuff we want to ask you about.’

Lee looked across the inn, saw one or two people and nodded his head toward them. ‘Thanks for letting me see my family today. I think mum is going to be all right now. She looked like she had been hit by a hippogriff, not good,’ Lee said softly.

‘Sorry mate, glad we could help,’ said George looking down at his clothes.

‘Well we’re glad you’re here now cause we have some items of business,’ Fred said straightening up business like.

‘We have to ask a favor from you. We need, I mean we’d like, you to look after the store tomorrow. I mean there won’t be a lot of shoppers around because of this mess’ continued George bitterly thinking of the horrors to come.

‘Oh! Bilmey that’s all you want! Yeah, no problem mates. It’s the least I can do. Go see your family make sure their all right,’ Lee said tiredly. ‘I won’t have any problems tomorrow, everyone’s just, well, y’know.’

‘Thanks a lot Lee; we need this,’ the twins said together.

‘Maybe we can help our fellow businesswizards and witches,’ Fred said lightening up. “When was the last time we got new clothes?’

‘It’s been ages and I could use a new jacket. That Romanian woman blasted a hole right through it when we told her the news,’ George said remembering the events sourly, ‘don’t ask. We need to put up some more translating spells, for a while I couldn’t understand her. What charm was it that old Florean uses on his pallor Lee?’

Then out of nowhere a cold breeze swept through the inn like the breath of death. The few people who were around shivered and slowly turned in his or her seat to see who it was that brought this unfriendly draft. What they was the ugliest woman known to man. Long gray, white and blood red hair, dark brown sagging skin, and many lost teeth were what met them when they looked toward the strangers. Accompanied with the woman were two cloaked figures, one tall black man oddly familiar, the other was hooded and bent over. There was something very weird about the hooded man like he was watching everyone.

‘G’night folks, may I get you something?’ Tom said breaking the silence.

‘No’ growled the hooded figure.

Then the hooded stranger moved toward the twins and Lee, limping his way through the chairs closely followed by the other two. When he reached the three in their lonely corner, he stopped faced Lee. Lee felt that mysterious feeling of being watched. He could only remember feeling like this in his sixth year when he was around his Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

‘Professor Moody?’ said Lee questioningly.

‘Hope the family is doing well, Jordan. I knew your father when I worked for the Ministry. Good man.’ said their former teacher warmly. ‘I never have seen the Cauldron so empty no since the old days.’

‘Moody we don’t have a lot of time’ reminded the tall black man.

‘Kingsley, don’t worry mate, and Tonks why do you insist to look like an ugly old hag in public,’ said Fred joyfully.


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